ABTechLab is a research company that has developed production know-how capable of making carbon fiber and other composite fibers to be used as a normal textile material. Our research has solved the mechanical and chemical problems that have been encountered up to now in the processing of dry carbon fibers and thanks to our skills we support companies in the development of fabrics on request, customizing the composition of the fabric weft and the graphic patterns.

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ABfibra Carbon1K is the fabric obtained using 1k carbon fiber which guarantees the highest definition of the jacquard and the highest malleability of the fabric. This type of fabric guarantees the lowest possible weight, up to 52 gr. Carbon 1k is aimed at the absolute luxury market and for performance and malleability it can be used on a wide area of ​​applications, from clothing to interior design, giving the products an identifying and personal aesthetic with a unique set of fabric performances. 1k fabrics can be made on specific customer request, by creating customized graphic patterns.

ABfibra Carbon3K is the fabric obtained using 3k carbon fiber which guarantees a good definition of the jacquard but less malleability of the finished fabric. The mixed use with polyamide allows for a fabric with a large amount of graphic patterns and colors. More suitable for use in leather goods, luggage and footwear or workwear. Carbon 3k, thanks to a more accessible price, is intended for use for affordable luxury products or aspirations in particular for sportswear. 3k fabrics can be made on specific customer request, by performing customized graphic patterns.

ABFibra Mergex is one of the most innovative collections within technical fabrics intended for the world of luxury and fashion. They are born from the combination of composite fabrics, mainly carbon, and fabrics from vegetable fibers such as cotton, linen and silk. This process makes the fabric even more malleable and with a strong aesthetic connotation. MergeX fabrics can be made on specific customer request, by executing customized graphic patterns defined as lights or opaque with different degrees of transparency.

Linen fiber and vegetable fibers can achieve results of mechanical and chemical resistance very close to carbon and for this reason it becomes a new resource to create high-performance fabrics that can be used both as a structural material in prepeg and as a fabric for clothing. ABfibra GreenteX has vegetable origin and the whole manufacturing process is compatible. The fabrics can be worked with hundreds of aesthetic patterns, thus obtaining customized fabrics on customer request.

Fiberglass mat is a real fabric obtained from roving, it is characterized by high weights and has excellent mechanical properties. Created for technical needs, especially in the nautical and aerospace field, the fiberglass fabric is used by ABtechlab in the clothing and accessories sector to exploit the mechanical strength, resistance to temperature variations and the effect of agents. chemicals as well as excellent flame retardant properties. The ability to create hundreds of jacquard weaves make it a fabric with an excellent relationship between technical and aesthetic performance.